Jacquard Weaving Print

Weavetec has 29 Dornier Jacquard looms configured around the common home furnishing width of 54 inches.  We provide a variety of construction options with 10 standard harness arrangements:

1152 End “54 inch” Repeat
1340 End “54 inch” Repeat
1728 End “54 inch” Repeat
2400 End “27 inch” Repeat
3630 End “13.5 inch” Repeat
4840 End “13.5 inch” Repeat
4608 End “54 inch” Repeat
7260 End “13.5 inch” Repeat
8048 End “18 inch” Repeat
9600 End “54 inch” Repeat

Our Dornier Rapier looms provide the flexibility to produce a wide range of weave constructions.  We weave novelty textures, tissue/dead picks, multi layer weaves and tapestries.   Filling insertion capabilities accommodate virtually any yarn options including novelty chenille and boucle yarns.   

We also provide a wide range of yarn options available to our customers.  We currently inventory approximately 600 yarn sku’s to support our expanding customer base.  In addition to our standard inventory, we work closely with our customers to develop and source additional options.

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