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Decorative Home Accessories

Decorative Home AccessoriesWeavetec manufactures custom decorative home accessories for designers and distributors.  Following is a list of the products we provide for a variety of niche/specialty programs.   Tapestry Throws Multi Layer Throws Tapestry Pillows, Tote Bags and Wall Art Tapestry Fabric on the roll for misc. products manufactured elsewhere   We can work with customers to develop a specific construction or product to meet the various quality and pricing demands.  As with all programs, Weavetec understands the importance of product confidentiality and will do everything possible to help each custome... read more

Equestrian Fabrics

Equestrian FabricsWeavetec manufactures equestrian fabrics for some of the finest and longest serving suppliers to the equestrian trade.  Our Blanket and Sheet weight solids and plaids are woven from 100% acrylic yarn for the highest quality and product lifespan.  Our Natural Irish Knit and Fine Mesh leno weaves are 50/50 Polyester Cotton to provide the ultimate in breathability and comfort.  In addition to these standard products, Weavetec works closely with our customers to develop custom products to meet specific needs.

Home Furnishing Fabrics

Home Furnishing FabricsWeavetec manufactures fabrics for virtually every home furnishing application.  Commission weaving dobby upholstery fabric for Collins and Aikman provided the foundation for our business in 1987.  We continue to focus on this market segment to supply consistent production volume.  We partner with converters to provide design assistance, manufacturing, and direct shipment in support of exclusive fabric offerings.  Weavetec maintains an active inventory of 600+ yarn sku’s to support our converting partners.  Modern dobby and jacquard looms produce exclusive converter fabrics for traditional mu... read more

Specialty and Industrial Fabrics

Specialty and Industrial FabricsWeavetec manufactures specialty and industrial fabrics for a variety of applications.  Many of our specialty customers require niche fabrics with unusual constructions and raw materials.  We partner with each customer to source the necessary raw materials and create the ideal construction to meet their requirements.  We manufacture fabrics for the following end uses: Instrument Case Vintage Reproductions Travel Luggage Umbrella and Awning Filtration Safety and Protection Apparel Sports Apparel Emergency Burn Protection Desktop Accessories Speaker Grill Belting Core Wall Panel Room... read more


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Weavetec is a company based out of Blacksburg, SC that provides a number of solutions to your sewing and weaving issues. We work with wholesale fabrics as well as other home furnishing fabrics. We are a short distance from Hickory and Union, SC. We can work with you on your next project, whether it's throw pillows, blankets or even equestrian fabrics that are needed.