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Weavetec has 26 Dornier Dobby Looms with unlimited flexibility.  Our Dobby looms range in width from 190-220 cm and offer up to 20 body harnesses and 8 filling selectors.  Standard Dobby end counts range from 832 to 4176 total ends with a variety of incremental options.  We provide standard straight draws up to 12 body harnesses and special draft draws for large production runs. 

Our Dornier Rapier looms provide the flexibility to produce a wide range of weave constructions.  We weave complicated novelty and multi layer weave structures in addition to standard tabby, twill and basket weaves.   Filling insertion capabilities accommodate virtually any yarn options including novelty chenille and boucle yarns. 

We also provide a wide range of yarn options available to our customers.  We currently inventory approximately 600 yarn sku’s to support our expanding customer base.  In addition to our standard inventory, we work closely with our customers to source and develop additional options

  • Dobby Weaving
  • Dobby Weaving
  • Dobby Weaving
  • Dobby Weaving



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Weavetec is a company based out of Blacksburg, SC that provides a number of solutions to your sewing and weaving issues. We work with wholesale fabrics as well as other home furnishing fabrics. We are a short distance from Hickory and Union, SC. We can work with you on your next project, whether it's throw pillows, blankets or even equestrian fabrics that are needed.