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Weavetec has 3 Unimac washer extractors and 8 Cissel gas tumble dryers.  Throws are cut, washed and tumble dried to accommodate shrinkage to the appropriate size and bloom cotton yarns.  Heat seal / label machines are available for application of labels and pallet wrapping is available for large shipments

  • Throw Finishing & Laundry
  • Throw Finishing & Laundry
  • Throw Finishing & Laundry
  • Throw Finishing & Laundry



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Weavetec is a company based out of Blacksburg, SC that provides a number of solutions to your sewing and weaving issues. We work with wholesale fabrics as well as other home furnishing fabrics. We are a short distance from Hickory and Union, SC. We can work with you on your next project, whether it's throw pillows, blankets or even equestrian fabrics that are needed.